AML and Fraud Detection

Our approach to AML and Fraud Detection

AML and Fraud Detection is a build-in module of SimpleCompli platform. It uses advanced profiling algorithm and the latest Web 2.0 (AJAX), providing user friendly interface, high performance and quality.

Major features and functionalities are:

  1. Build profiling and rules
    It allows compliance officer to profiling entities, such as customers and accounts and build rules to generate alerts for unusual behaviors or activities.

  2. Monitor entity activities
    Alerts are generated when an entity's, such as customer or account, activity goes outside their normal behavior range.

  3. Prioritize alerts with evidence and statistics
    All alerts are rated with priority and alert score, with details evidence and statistics to help manage review workload, focus on review and investigation.

  4. Enterprise Case Management.
    It has configurable workflow and document management, alert notification and alert forwarding via email, to help manage alerts and cases.

  5. Built-in support of regulatory reports.
    Easily and quickly create and submit a pre-populated Suspicious Activity Report (SAR).