List Management

SimpleOFAC Suite List Management manages and maintenances the sanction entity list. The data model of the list management is modeled after the OFAC SDN list XML format. For details on the XML schema, please see links, The List Management has built-in support for OFAC SDN list. New lists can be easily supported by creating a new plugin. It supports XML and CSV format.

The following sanction lists are supported and can be loaded via list load function:

Each sanction list is assigned to an “ORIGIN”. For example, the origin of OFAC LIST will be assigned to origin OFAC. Each line of business can also create its own local ORIGIN to manage its own list.

Authorized Users can search entries, manually add a new entry, update/delete an entry, or bulk add/update by uploading a whole list. Access is controlled using role based security.

ORIGIN is also used as access control to the sanction list. For example, users can have full access to OFAC list, but may have no access to OCC list (see use access section for more information).

There are a few options to update a sanction list. Let us use OFAC SDN list as an example.

  • Option one: Subscribe to OCC mail list service and receive an email update whenever there is an update on the SDN list. Then you can manually upload the list via our upload list web interface. It will show the comparison report (added, updated, deleted entries)
  • Option two: Schedule a job via Cron Job, Control M or any schedule tool to run our list update program once a day or once every few hours. It will download the SDN list and do the comparison with the current one. If there are any changes, then either:
    • Automatically upload the list and update the OFAC List.
    • Create a comparison report, showing what is added, updated, deleted, and notify users by email.