Sanction List Analysis

The List Analysis gives users the ability to view the changes on the sanction list between day one and day two.

Click the List Analysis in the left navigation menu under List management and a new List Analysis Tab folder will be created in the right panel.

There are 2 sub-Tab folders: Search Sanction List Analysis and Search Result Sanction List Analysis.

Sanction List Analysis search screen

Search Sanction List Analysis

Search Criteria

Field Name Description
From Date The start date; it must be in mm/dd/yyyy HH:MM:SS or mm/dd/yyyy format. This is required.
To Date The end date; it must be in mm/dd/yyyy HH:MM:SS or mm/dd/yyyy format. Leave this field empty will bring the latest data, the same as current date.
EntNum Link to sanction list entry unique record identifier.

Functional buttons

  • Find: – click Find button to search.
  • Clear:– click Clear button to clear all the criteria.

Search Result Sanction List Analysis

Sanction List Analysis search result screen

The left side result list shows the list of the sanction list that has been changed (add/delete/update) between from-date to to-date. The right top part is the Details - Old which show the select entry at the From-Date point of time. The right bottom part is the Details - New which shows the selected entry at the To-Date point of time.

If at From-Date, the select entry does not exist yet, the name, type, program, etc. fields will be empty. If the select entry is deleted, **DELETE* will be added in front of the name.