Free Text Lookup

Free Text Lookup is a very useful function to allow user to scan any free-format text or message using the screening instance/engine set up in the previous section. It also can be used as a test tool to test screening instance and the sanction List

Click the Free Text Lookup in the left navigation menu under Screening management, a new Free Text Lookup Tab folder will be created in the right panel.

There are 2 sub-Tab folders, Free Text Lookup and Search Result Free Text Lookup.

Free Text Lookup search screen

Search Result Free Text Lookup

Free Text Lookup search result screen

The top part is the table which shows the list of the watch list alerts that meet the search criteria. The bottom part is the details of the selected entry. It shows the entNum of the alert, the score, match on name or name synonyms (Alias), the match term( the text in the scan text that causes the alert), and list created user and date, list modified user and date, etc.