Integration with Screening EngineΒΆ

The Screening Engine is the central piece of SimpleOFAC OFAC Suite. The Screening Engine is a service that screens customer name or payment transaction against the sanction list and gives an alert or no alert result. It can be used to scan customers in the batch mode or scan payment transactions in real time. It supports direct API call, Http request, IBM Websphere MQ, or Java Message Service interface.

Take http request as an example; the following are the list(s) of name parameters can be used:

1. q -- Text to scan: accept any text
2. min_score -- Threshold: must be a float (number); otherwise will use default, which is set in a configuration file
3. rows-- Maximum Alerts Returned: must be a integer, default is 50
4. spell_check -- Enable Fuzzy, Y or N, default N
5. scan_mode --Scan mode ; accept 0, 1, or 2 0 = medium mode (default) 1 = loose mode, and 2 = strict mode.
6. wt -- response format; txt, hitnum, xml or any format you like.

    a) txt -- will return in txt format similar to what you see in the screen
    b) hitnum - number of hits, if 0 means no hit. >0 means has hits need to be reviewed.
    c) XML  xml format

 7. origins --list of origin to return; default is return all. Origins are delimited by comma (,) eg. OFAC, OFSI, EU.
 8. gg -- apply the exception list, Y/N, default is Y. see sanction list management --> :ref:`list-gg`
    for the details of exceptions.

The default values of those parameters are set in a configuration file.

See Alt name section Search Result Alt. Name for details.