Sanction List & PEP Compliance

keep compliance with batch customer and real time transaction screening.

Pre-Installed Virtual Machine

SimpeOFAC is a pure-Java server-side web application. It runs on any platform (Windows, Unix, Linux) and supports most Relational Databases (Oracle, MYSQL, Microsoft SQL).

SimpleCompli Platform consists of OFAC, SAR/CTR, AML and EPT (Employment Personal Trade) modules. Each module can be turned on/off with a license key.

We have installed our SimpleOFAC Application in VMWare VM and Virtural Box VM with the following default configurations

  • Ubuntu 12.04 TLS
  • Oracle XE 11g R2
  • Open JDK 1.7
  • Tomcat 6.0
  • SimpleOFAC Suite with default workflow and reports.

All you need is install VM Player or Oracle Virtual Box. No extra software to buy!!!.
Since the size of the VMs is huge, Please contact at to arrange a download or shipping via DVDs