Sanction List & PEP Compliance

keep compliance with batch customer and real time transaction screening.

5 minutes tutorial

SimpleOFAC is a pure-Java server-side web application. It runs on any platform (Windows, Unix, Linux ) and supports most Relational Databases (Oracle, MYSQL, Microsoft SQL).

Please follow the Installation manual to set it up and running.

Login with the admin ID and begin the test drive following these easy steps:

  1. Add or Upload your sanction List
    You can either manually add the sanction list via List management Add new Sanction Entry, or get the sanction list from various government websites, such as OFAC SDN List, NS-PLC list and then upload the list via List Upload Screen.

  2. Create Screening Instance
    Create a new Screening instance via Screening management screen and then use “Configure” function to configure the sanction lists to be included in the screening index. Finally, use the “Build Index” function to build the index.

  3. Free text search or File Screening
    You are ready to go. You can search your customer or transaction via Free Text Lookup screen or batch [file scan] (/ofac/help/en/screen/filescan.html) .

For more information on SimpleOFAC, please check the Online documetation.